It is not required by any means but it always helps to have humor in the kitchen!
When the family gets together my kids love telling the story of when I re-inacted a Lowery Season Salt commercial. Lowery’s used to come in a glass container and in the 80’s they switched to plastic. The Lowery commercial touted the amazing ability of the new container to bounce on the floor and not break.
The girls were with me in the kitchen and the I said to them, “Hey, watch this!” I start reciting the commercial and used a Vanna White whisk of the hand to show off the the amazing NEW plastic shaker bottle of Lowery's in my hand. With a look of surprise on my face, I "accidentally" dropped the bottle onto the floor, fully expecting the beautiful bounce as shown in the commercial. Well that didn't happen..... it broke all over the floor and we all busted out laughing...
Oh well! Laughter is good medicine!
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